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Complex Sales Simplified

For when you need more than Sales Force Automation

Launchpad CRM is a Customer Relationship Management system specifically designed for the challenges faced by sales professionals operating in a Complex or Enterprise Sales environment.

Launchpad CRM Features

If you need to close sales in an environment with long pipelines, handle multiple simultaneous opportunities, compete against other companies in formal tenders, or convince multiple customer stakeholders that your offer is the winning solution then you need a CRM solution intended for Complex Sales environments.

Launchpad CRM provides unbeatable features enabling you to maximise your success and win Complex Sales.

Competitor analysis

Launchpad CRM will automatically propose not only potential competitors but also the products they will offer in competition against you for any opportunity allowing you to record your tactics to overcome their strengths and exploit their weaknesses.
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Customer influencers

Use the personal win statements of Economic, Technical and User influencers within the customer's organisation to inform and advise your offer. Launchpad CRM will automatically suggest who those influencers might be and present you with an annotated customer organisation chart so you can target the individuals who will need to be lobbied and the key messages to relay.
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Sales Process

Use industry defined best practice sales processes to drive opportunities through the sales funnel whilst Launchpad CRM automatically calculates probability of win improvements as you complete each step. Tailor existing sales processes or define your own to match how your business works.
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Custom Business Rules

Write custom business rules quickly and simply using our built-in Visual Block Programming system. Simply snap blocks together to create your own custom business rules that trigger on either the creation, modification or deletion of any Launchpad CRM entity including Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities.
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Tap into what is quite possibly be the internet's most comprehensive repository of company and employee data to target future customers and identify potential customers. Narrow your search by user filters including industry sector, geographic location and target organisation employee size. A single click converts any prospect into both an Account and its Contacts in Launchpad CRM.
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Document Storage

Upload and store or Email any document or file to the Launchpad CRM cloud so its available to your team, or limit access through convenient Access Control Level definitions by users and teams with Version Control and Rollback support.
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Account Organisation Hierarchies

Map the internal structure of your Accounts so you can pinpoint the key influencers you need to target either graphically through a point-and-click interface or have Launchpad CRM automatically wire the organisation for you based upon employee job titles.

Sanction Search

We monitor the US, UK, Canadian and Australian lists of business and individuals who have been identified under international sanctions and automatically highlight any Contact or Account which may be on any of those lists and present you the source sanction details and data so you can be sure you are not trading at risk.
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Online data resources

Use a contact's social media presence to rapidly populate their details into Launchpad CRM. We scour the common social platforms including LinkedIn, Google and Twitter to establish as much data as we can, such as Email addresses, Internet sites and Social Media handles.
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Offline working

Work when you want, not when an internet connection is available. Automatic background syncing and conflict resolution allows the entire team to access data and work wherever they are.
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Intelligent tags

Launchpad CRM brings the power of tags to CRM. Assigning tags to accounts, opportunities, contacts and activities allows for relationships that would otherwise be hidden to be surfaced and empower your understanding of competitor movements and customer buying trends.
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Device independence

Launchpad CRM runs on all modern desktops, laptops, tablets and phones delivering you the freedom to use almost any device. Whether your it's is running Windows, OS-X, Linux, iOS, Android or BlackBerry 10 your device is compatible with Launchpad CRM.
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Win Analysis

At the click of a button Launchpad CRM analyses your current opportunity status and delivers immediate and actionable recommendations on how to improve your probability of win.

Meeting planner

Prepare for important meetings with the built-in negotiations support toolset with support for the generation of your trade-space, capture of fallback options and BATNA position.
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Email integration

Using an external corporate mail system? No problem, simply copy or forward emails from your existing EMail client to the Launchpad CRM email address and it will automatically analyse and associate it to the relevant contacts, organisations and opportunities so you never lose important communications.
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Proudly exploiting 3rd party integrations…

Access included in your subscription

For all customers, whichever edition you choose, Clearbit, FullContact and prospect and business intelligence providers are included in your subscription. There is no additional fee for use of these services through the Launchpad CRM application.

Google is a click away

Automatically synchronise contacts, calendars and files with Google's G-Suite applications.

Phone calls plugged into your contacts

Make and receive phone calls directly from Launchpad CRM using your browser as a phone through our Twilio integration. Incoming and outgoing call events are automatically added to the corresponding contact and account chronologies, and our caller-id feature lets you know who's calling.

Enhanced Email Enrichment

Extend Launchpad CRM's existing built-in data enrichment features from Clearbit, FullContact and with additional Email address lookup capabilities from Voila Norbert.

We are constantly introducing new integrations. Let us know if there is one you would like to see added.

Resting on our laurels? Not a chance!

We are constantly developing and improving the Launchpad CRM experience. As always, every feature we add is available to all tiers as we do not believe in feature pricing. Coming soon…

Contract search We're tapping into public tender databases allowing you to search, filter and pull leads and prospect opportunities including all relevant information into your sales funnel
Embedded Email Whilst you can already send campaign emails from your corporate Email server using Launchpad CRM as well as capturing individual Emails by forwarding or copying them to your Launchpad CRM Email server, soon you will be able to send and receive Emails directly within Launchpad CRM, allowing automatic association of your Emails with contacts, accounts and opportunities.
Version Lockdown Concerned about the training implications and the speed at which new features are added? Lock your Launchpad CRM account to any specific version (excluding mandatory security updates) allowing you to decide when new features roll out to your team.

Would you like to see a new feature? Just drop us an Email and we'll see what we can do.

Results, fast.

Featuring an intuitive layout and user interface, Launchpad CRM is easy to use.

  • Designed for the challenge

    Launchpad CRM was conceived by business development specialists who have repeatedly secured complex sales opportunities worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

  • Instant analysis and reporting built in
    • Live analysis of sales funnels, comparative historical and anticipated opportunities, forecast order conversion and product opportunity roadmaps.
    • Live reporting of sales win performance, period-end status and potential duplicate alerts means your latest status information is always immediately available.
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We know how important your data is, so we treat it like its our own.

  • Encrypted on the move and at rest

    Your data is exchanged with our servers via a secure HTTPS SSL link, and all data stored on encrypted disks.

  • Data protection

    Your data is geo-located to either an EU or US data centre, and is never migrated between the two. We do not employ CDN edge-caching for any data. We comply with the U.S.-E.U. safe harbour agreement, as well as UK and EU Data Protection laws.

  • Data integrity

    You can trust that your data is inaccessible by others. Unlike many CRM providers, every client is allocated their own dedicated server and database which is not shared with other clients.

Trusted by Professionals, just like you

We won't disclose our clients to anyone, but these testimonials say it all

Pricing and editions

Don't see a package that suits your needs? Contact us to discover how we tailor a solution just for you.

Included in every package without limit…

We understand that sometimes even SMEs need Professional and Enterprise features too. So we broke the CRM pricing mould… our pricing model is simple. All features are included in every package. Now you have no need to worry about whether you need a feature only available in the next package tier, or be subjected to pressurising up-sale tactics from the CRM vendor. Pricing is simply scaled by your team size and the level of support you need.

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Account managementContact managementOpportunity tracking
Sales process managementTask trackingEmail integration
Mobile accessOffline workingIntelligent Tags
Meeting plannerOpportunity assessmentCompetitor analysis
Custom Business RulesCustom Sales ProcessProspecting
Campaign managementSecure API accessLead heatmap

Even though Launchpad CRM is delivered through the cloud we can offer custom and tailored solutions to meet any specific needs you have because every customer is allocated their own dedicated server and database. Not only does this give you peace of mind that your data is not stored on shared computer infrastructure, if you select the Corporate package you can to run a dedicated variation of the Launchpad CRM system for white label branding or custom software implementation.

One package. One price.

Just USD$75 per month for each user.
Annual commitment required.
  • No minimum number of users
  • No maximum user cap
  • All features enabled
  • Support via Email and phone
30 day free trial
No credit card required

Free trial details

  • You do not need to provide any Payment details to commence a free trial. For uninterrupted use, a payment scheme must be established prior to the end of the free trial period.
  • Support is only provided via Email during the free-trial period.
  • Free trials are limited to one per organisation per annum.
  • You must provide a business Email address to commence a free trial. Requests using Hotmail, Gmail or other free email address providers will not be processed.


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We're ready to help…

Get the best Complex Sales CRM Solution for Your Business

Are you dealing with a Complex Sales environment?

Complex Sales, sometimes referred to as Enterprise Sales, is a situation in which contracts for goods and or services are secured by successfully responding to a formal tender request from a customer. This is almost always run as a competition by the customer, with multiple competing businesses invited to submit proposals.

The tender request and response cycle may iterate a number of times, with more specific and detailed information required in the proposal each time as the customer down-selects and rejects potential suppliers; usually for non-compliance or a lack of confidence that the business is able to offer a viable solution to their needs.

Proposals are typically evaluated by a team from the customer's organisation, with different individuals focusing on their own specialist areas. Each individual will be seek to satisfy their own unique needs, and prosecution success relies on a value proposition that addresses all of these needs.

Historically, complex sales were high-value business-to-business transactions, but the Internet continues to change this. It is now easy for anyone - whether businesses or households - to perform a market survey, evaluate multiple potential providers and obtain a quotation from each.

The larger the purchase, and the higher the customer's perceived business risk, then the greater the level of trust and credibility a vendor must demonstrate to be successful. Simply having knowledge of the product you are selling is not sufficient; you must understand your customer's needs and how your product's benefits deliver on those needs in a cost-effective manner versus your competitors.

Launchpad CRM helps you achieve all of this by;

  • Driving excellent consultative selling techniques,
  • Helping you to build and develop strong customer relationships,
  • Identify and understand the various buying influencers, and
  • Tailor your value propositions and solutions to maximise the probability of win.

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