Application Programmable Interface (API)

Modification of Launchpad CRM entities

So, you want to modify Launchpad CRM data directly?

Maybe you need to manipulate some entities programmatically?

Or you want to integrate Launchpad CRM with another application, such as your ERP system?

No problem.

Launchpad CRM provides a RESTful Application Programmable Interface (API) for the programmatic manipulation of data stored in the CRM database. Every account has the ability to directly interact with the underlying central database from which all clients synchronise their data. The RESTful interface is provisioned over standard HTTPS protocols using just GET and POST requests.

To maximise security, all requests are only processed over a SSL encrypted link and must be signed with an account-specific secret key - which can be revoked at any time by the account administrator.

The API allows the retrieval, modification and deletion of any Launchpad CRM entity. In fact, it's the same API that the Launchpad CRM application uses internally - so you can do anything in your own custom application that Launchpad CRM does natively.

Now that's delivering real power to users.