Autoresponder Campaign Management in Launchpad CRM

Launchpad CRM Adaptive Autoresponder Campaigns

Launchpad CRM takes execution of Autoresponder campaigns to the next level - an 'Adaptive Information' level. We took the best features of traditional campaign management and Autoresponder lists and merged them together with a Launchpad CRM twist to make management of the information supplied to recipients even easier - and more relevant to them.

Launchpad CRM's Autoresponder-Campaigns feature enables a truly personalised engagement with each potential customer.

This is 'Permission Based Marketing' at its best.

What is an Autoresponder?

An autoresponder is a set of automated emails that are sent out to contacts.

Traditionally, Autoresponders have been used for engagement with, and onboarding of, visitors to websites who were interested enough to leave their Email address with the purpose of increasing its conversion possibility.

Instead we integrate Autoresponders with your CRM Campaigns providing facility for a wide range of engagement with your prospective customers. In Launchpad CRM, for example, you can set up an Autoresponder-Campaign sequence that would send your contacts:

  • More specific information on aspects of interest - e.g. if they have visited specific website pages on a feature/topic for long periods of time
  • product updates - e.g. additional functionality upgrades
  • company related information - e.g. notification of attendance at conferences
  • news highlights etc. - e.g. Discount offers

The key point is that the Autoresponder sequence they receive is as a direct result of a contact's individual interests and the permission to engage they have given - either through visits to your website, information gleaned through conventional Email engagement or direct contact.

Autoresponders save you time

When you use autoresponders, a significant amount of email marketing - your engagement with your potential customers - becomes automated; all recipients are sent key messages from your business without you having to worry about manually sending these messages out.

Not only do they save you time in writing and sending emails, a lot of it if you have many accounts and opportunities under management, if crafted correctly they also reduce the time needed to be spent on personally connecting with contacts in order to maintain relationships.

Information relevance to recipients is key

The problem with the traditioonal Autoresponder approach is that all recipients get all the messages in a linear stream - and receiving information which isn't of immediate relevance to them causes them to disengage - or worse, think of you as a Spammer and block you entirely.

Not healthy for your order intake figures!

List 'segmentation' is only a half-solution

Some Autoresponders try to overcome this shortcoming by allowing segmentation of email lists - which means that different Autoresponder email sequences get delivered to recipients depending upon which email list they signed up for.

This is better, but is still a little 'clunky' to use and you still end up sending irrelevant information to many people.

How Launchpad CRM manages information relevance

Launchpad CRM has a really smart way of ensuring that Autoresponder sequences and Campaign emails remain relevant to their recipients. It does this by using two of the 'Power Features' of Launchpad CRM: Intelligent Tags and Business Rules.

Launchpad CRM creates 'Members' to receive specific information

Notably, there is no real concept of a campaign subscriber list in Launchpad CRM. Instead, in Launchpad CRM, a campaign has a set of 'Members', under a simple set of 'rules':

  • Real Time Members - Campaign members are identified on a daily basis through a Tag Set - which is determined by the presence, or absence, of specific tags for any contact.
  • Specific Campaign Tag Sets - Tag Sets are specified separately for each campaign, and can be changed at any time.
  • Multiple Campaigns - You can set-up as many campaigns as you wish, and all of them run in parallel. You can add or remove tags to move members between campaigns, or exclude them entirely. Of course, you can also use the Launchpad CRM API to programmatically add or remove tags as contacts engage with your website, Emails or other online activity - such as clicking on a link in a Tweet or on your Facebook timeline.

Launchpad CRM and Anti-Spam Legislation

Email Consent - As contacts can be added via a direct/personal marketing contact, they may not have been added to Launchpad CRM via an internet form where they provided their Email address and consented to being contacted by Email. In this case Launchpad CRM will automatically send such contacts an Opt-in Email in accordance with EU, US, Candian, anti-spam regulations.

Opt-Out - Whenever a Contact has tags applied that match a Campaign Tag Set they become a Campaign member (unless they have opted out).

Launchpad CRM Autoresponder Campaigns

Whenever a new Campaign member is identified they begin their 'Autoresponder Journey' at the starting Email for that campaign. Each campaign can have:

  • one or more Emails, without limit
  • emails sent in a sequence at a user-defined interval between them.
  • recipient actions associated with each of these depending upon whether a Member opened, responded or ignored the Email - e.g. changing the tags on the user to move them to another campaign, remove them from the current campaign, etc.

Scheduling campaigns

Naturally, campaigns can optionally be limited to run only between particular dates. It is also possible to allow any campaign to continue to run to completion for existing members, without accepting any new members, or to simply stop it entirely.

Campaign templates and mail merge

For each campaign Email users can select from a range of existing templates, create or upload their own and then tailor them as required through a WYSIWYG editor which displays how the Email will look on receipt. Mail Merge fields can be inserted into the Email to tailor the contents and make it specific to each individual recipient.

Integrating with the API

For advanced campaigns any Email can, of course, include Launchpad API Beacons to set additional tags and track how a contact interacts with the Email. You can use these Beacons to further refine how the campaign is delivered - or move the contact to a different campaign. For example, a generic autoresponder campaign might send out Emails about your general product portfolio, in which case API Beacons might be used capture interests about particular product lines causing them to move to a different campaign (or campaigns) that specifically promotes those interests.

Campaign Statistics

Real-time statistics on open rates, membership count, opt-out and unsubscribe rates are always available for every campaign - no need to wait for cumbersome overnight reports to run, or worry about whether the data is still accurate.

How would you use Launchpad CRM Autoresponder Campaigns?

We've given you the tool to efficiently personalise your engagement with your customers. How you use Autoresponder Campaigns in your Launchpad CRM system is limited only by your imagination and your drive to convert opportunities into sales.

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Launchpad CRM makes your interaction with the CRM tool and database as pain-free as possible. Autoresponder Campaigns is but one example. Take a look at the other features embedded within Launchpad CRM. In other CRM tools, most of them are only available as premium plug-ins - or are simply not available.