Custom Business Logic Rules

Custom Business Logic rules

Business Logic rules allow the customisation of Launchpad CRM to automatically perform tasks or operations when specific conditions arise. Rules can be triggered on the creation, update or deletion of any entity within Launchpad CRM - such as an account, activity, contact, campaign, document, lead, opportunity, product, etc.

Business Logic rules can be simple, or complex. For example, a rule could be defined to simply provide a confirmation prompt whenever an account is created so that a user must click a confirmation button before the account is created. Alternatively, a more complex rule may be to automatically complete sales process steps depending upon changes made to an opportunity, or to move contacts between different campaigns depending upon changes to their interests determined by Launchpad CRM API beacons they have triggered when visiting your website.

You can also use business rules to:

  • Display read-only data, present a prompt for additional information or raise an alert box;
  • Determine when to contact a customer;
  • Hide or display information; and
  • Determine what to communicate with contacts.

In Launchpad CRM, Business Logic rules are created using a graphical block language that is easy to understand and quick to learn. Custom business rules logic

To create Business Logic rules it is simply a matter of joining blocks together, much like a toy building blocks. Each block has a set of connectors which only allows it to join compatible blocks with matching connectors. The rules themselves are converted by Launchpad CRM into code for fast, efficient execution performance.