Lead Heatmaps

Mapping your visitors

Being able to capture the name and details of a visitor to your website and record that in a CRM is an important aspect of inbound marketing. Typically, this is accomplished through a web form that a visitor has to complete before being granted access to a specific web page or download.

But what about those visitors who leave your site without providing their details?

What if they return later and visit a different area of your website?

How do you know what information they accessed after leaving their details?

In most CRMs this vital information about their history and interests is lost, and that's for those that even support data entry using web forms.

Sure, you may have website analytics running and you can track returning visitors, but how do you record their visit history and their interests into your CRM? Lead Heatmaps takes website analytics and CRM integration to the next level.

Heatmap module identifies potential leads

Discovering leads

By simply inserting a few lines of Javascript into your website you can capture the interests of any visitor to your site be assigning Beacons to your website pages. You can then view visitors and their interests in real time in the Launchpad CRM application. Presented as a Geographic Heatmap, the colour intensity of each country indicates the number of visitors from that location. Use time controls to playback how visitors and interests vary over time. Rising interest may indicate a geographic demand for your product from customers, or competitors researching your offerings - both being great intelligence for your sales and marketing teams.

Quickly convert any visitor to a lead within the Launchpad CRM application, or programmatically using Javascript on your website, and have all of the Beacons associated with that visitor transferred to the new Contact record as Tags.

Once converted, Launchpad CRM still tracks their website visits and continues to add new beacons Tags to the contact record.

Of course, like everything else in Launchpad CRM, you can create custom business logic to conditionally convert visitors to leads - for example, you might create a rule to convert any visitor into a lead who provided their Email address, showed an interest in 3 different topics and visited your pricing page.