Launchpad CRM Opportunity Analysis

Launchpad CRM Oppportunity Analysis

Launchpad CRM's Opportunity Analysis tools have been developed through a deep understanding that sales forecasting, budgeting, and business planning are critical management activities for all companies.

Sales forecasts and analyses are not just for the benefit of the Sales and Marketing Department but are a means to help Senior and Executive Management Teams make informed decisions.

Looking to the future to help make decisions is challenging, so methods which can add a greater degree of budgeting accuracy are always welcomed. The opportunity sales funnel and forecasting analysis tools provided by Launchpad CRM bring many benefits to companies:

  • Delivers an increased Sales and Marketing ROI by minimising the overhead spend on analysis and enabling focussed resource expenditure on the activities most likely to contribute to sales
  • Provides rapid visibility of the health of the Sales Funnel and Sales Forecasts
  • Improves business budgeting accuracy through real-time analysis of which opportunities are on-schedule for conversion (and which aren't!)
  • Identifies which opportunities are qualified and on-schedule for closing and which need management focus to improveme performance in the marketing and sales cycle
  • Improves communication and accountability between responsible marketing and sales personnel
  • Allows analysis of sales process effectiveness
  • Results in more highly qualified leads and improves Pwin performance and overall sales growth.

Interactive forecasting and analysis of opportunities is a key feature of Launchpad CRM. Unlike a static reporting engine, Launchpad CRM provides live graphical charts that immediately reflect new and updated opportunities against dynamic filters.

Analysis and Forecasting of Opportunities

Launchpad CRM provides the following analysis modules;

  • Forecasting
  • Sales Funnel
  • Comparative Analysis
  • Roadmap

Each module can optionally be filtered on any, or all, of the following;

  1. View horizon - constrain how far into the future should the analysis look
  2. Teams and users - specify which user, or team, the analysis should consider
  3. Funnel stage - set the minimum maturity that should be included in the analysis
  4. Certainty - factor the opportunity values by either Probability of Win or Owner Confidence


The Forecast module provides a graphical and tabular depiction of opportunities on a timeline.

The data is presented by both value and also mapped to funnel stage. Funnel stage mapping provides an immediate indication as to where attention might need to be focused; For example, an opportunity due for imminent conversion that is still high in the funnel stage is a cause for concern.

Sales Forecast

Sales Funnel

The Sales Funnel analysis depicts opportunities in bar-chart format comparing total funnel stage to number of opportunities, as well as in a traditional funnel style with the exception that the width of the funnel is sized according to the total value of opportunities in it.

Sizing the funnel width by value immediately draws attention to whether your sales team are identifying and incorporating new opportunities fast enough, and equally whether they are being pushed through the funnel efficiently and effectively.

A company's sales funnel is the lifeblood of the business. You need a healthy funnel if sales and growth targets are to be met. If the sales funnel is the 'wrong' shape it becomes immediately apparent when using this graphical analysis feature of Launchpad CRM.

Sales Funnel as a pipeline

Comparative Analysis

Use the comparative analysis module to review performance against a previous period; either month, quarter or year.

Comparative sales analysis


The roadmap module depicts opportunities grouped by product on a timeline graph; a great marketing tool for watching customer trends and directing focus as needed to boost under-performing product lines.

Sales roadmap for opportunities

Launchpad CRM - Pain-free CRM for business growth

Whether you are prospecting, qualifying, proposing or closing, Launchpad CRM delivers pain-free operation and allows Sales and Marketing teams to concentrate on the critical task of generating new opportunities and closing them to realise sales growth.

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